Wood Privacy Fence

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Wood Privacy Fence - Natural Good Looks

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A wood privacy fence is still a very popular choice among homeowners, especially around the Alexandria, LA, area. At Ancient Landmark Fence Company, we have a great deal of experience with wood fences and we educate our customers on the benefits of installing a wood privacy fence.

These benefits include:

Cost-Effective - A wood privacy fence, when compared to a privacy fence made from metal or synthetic materials, is inexpensive to buy and install.

Easy Maintenance - Wood privacy fences often require some sort of maintenance and care over time but, in most cases, it is relatively easy to do. Even if the fence gets broken, it is not difficult to fix.

Customization - One of the best things about using wood for your fence is the ability to completely customize the look of your new fence to fit your property or complement the surrounding area. A wood privacy fence can be easily and quickly reworked, painted, or stained at a low cost to work within your dream design!

Privacy and Security - The whole idea behind a privacy fence is to keep the prying eyes of those around you from seeing in. When you opt for a wood privacy fence, it not only looks great but it will protect you and the ones you love from snooping neighbors and passersby!

Environmentally Friendly - Wood fences are completely safe for the environment, as long as they aren’t treated with hazardous chemicals. You can rest assured knowing that you’ve chosen an environmentally friendly fence that will last for years.

Wood has been a very popular choice among fence buyers for a long time due to its natural good looks, relatively low maintenance, and low cost in general. Contact Ancient Landmark Fence Company today to get an estimate on your new wood privacy fence!